• Web-agents monitor news portals, websites of public organizations, corporate websites, social networks, blogs and forums.
  • Automatic extraction of facts, events and relationships, converting unstructured data into structured.
  • Presentation of information in the most convenient form for perception: semantic networks, wide range of text reports and profiles, geographic maps and diagrams.

Web Scraper monitoring module allows to:

  • Automatically collect  news and articles from media, both with or without RSS
  • Automatically collect information from blogs, forums, social networks, online databases; search and add search results to the database
  • Parse data arrays of any kind
  • Save search results into the knowledge database or to the user's hard drive as files

Semantic networks are used to reveal links between companies’ owners, disclose affiliations with owners’ relatives, fulfill analysis on connections between the actors of the investigation topic, combine data from different sources for further analysis, etc.

2. Knowledge extraction and accumulation

Chain Search

​Chain search traces indirect links between the objects (persons or organizations) and visualizes data in the form of semantic network.

​Semantic Archive Platform is one of the main products of the company. This powerful solution helps to obtain valuable information of various types from different sources, extract knowledge and organize it, streamline the circulation of knowledge and prevent its loss. Semantic Archive Platform consolidates large amounts of fragmented data, processes it and presents the results in a friendly format. Semantic Archive Platform helps to achieve the purpose fast and improve the efficiency of performance.

Geographic Maps
Setting geo-location to objects and facts, displaying them on the map. Set coordinates of objects and facts and display them on the map

Semantic Archive

  • Using search agents (crawlers), which automatically search the Internet, online and internal databases as well as organization's text archives.

3. Visualization and Analysis

1. Data collection and integration

Scheme of Semantic Archive Platform



  • Automatic extraction of important objects from texts (persons, organizations, projects, brands, etc.)

​While working with a large knowledge base you can check, whether two objects are somehow connected to each other

Web Application Dashboard

  • Analysis of transactions: financial operations, bank transfers, phone calls, emails, messages, trips, etc.

Different kinds of reports, personal and company profiles with links to the facts and relations to other objects and sources

Media Digests

Automatic generation of various digests with statistical diagrams

Web Application

Create various data panels (dashboards) using sets of widgets.Users adjust the dashboards depending on the type of the task, topic or form of data, also connecting information from external databases and applications

Information Collections