Our Projects

The OpenCloud Rhino product suite comprises:

• Rhino Application Server™
Rhino Application Server™ is the world-leading carrier-grade, event-driven application server (EDAS) for Java-based telecommunications services.

• Rhino Service Interaction Server™
Rhino Service Interaction Server™ provides service composition and interaction capabilities for SS7 and IP networks.

• Rhino Charging Sentinel™
Rhino Charging Sentinel™ allows a single real-time rating and billing system to be used as the OCS, regardless of whether the subscribers are charged in a pre or post-paid manner.

Used to implements the network integration through Messaging Gateway by Mobicents Application server (JAIN SLEE Technology)

Oracle Exadata Function

Best Machine for Consolidating Database

The Database Machine runs any combination of workloads with extreme performance
• Warehouse oriented bulk data processing
• OLTP oriented random updates
• Real time BI against transactional data

 ASM spreads data from all databases evenly across storage
• Exadata I/O workload manager prioritizes I/Os to ensure predictable performance
• Large databases span nodes using RAC
• Multiple small databases run on a single node
• Instance caging ensures predictable performance

​Messaging Gateway is designed to hande a wide variety of messaging scenarios, regardless of whether it is traditional VAS SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging or future IP over-the-top Messaging based on services.



Oracle Database Machine

  • Grid is the architecture of the future
  • Highest performance, lowest cost, fault tolerant, scalable on demand
  • Database Machine is an engineered, optimized, standardized, and tested grid for Oracle database – with intelligent storage.